Values Trunk



As the shoot begins to grow, pulling nutrients from the ground, it begins to sprout leaves and build a trunk, representing the values you stand for. Brings credibility. 

How committed are you? What strengths do you have? What resources do you have? How well built is your presences? How big is your data base? What products, resources are you bringing? How financially strong are you? How resilient is your business? What are you willing to stand for in the world?

Amplification of your WHY. 

Outline a plan to guide and align all activities to achieve your broader mission and goals that can drive activities such as events, writing content marketing,

Identify brand, communications and content goals

Develop your Resonant Brand Blueprint – a statement and style guide that represents the purpose, values and vision of your brand. This is the basis for developing all expressions of your Resonant Brand in the world.

Product, programs and service development: plan and prioritize strategies.