Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Web Standards System

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Web Standards System

HP Enterprise Systems Group (ESG), the fastest-growing entity within HP’s Computer Organization, is responsible for all enterprise-wide computing products and services. ESG’s Web-first strategy encompassed four specific aspects: Content, Information Architecture, Technology Infrastructure, and Look and Feel. ESG engaged our team for strategy development and implementation of its Internet technology infrastructure and Web graphic standards and guidelines. The result was an integrated, database driven web design and publishing system that satisfied the needs of five separate divisions across the entire Enterprise Systems Group.

HP’s Enterprise Systems Group required a new look and feel which could be emulated by an internal agency without design expertise. The first five sites are designed by us and the remaining two are third-party designs adhering to our standards.

HP Project Leads : Michael Ainscow & Ami Mehta
Creative Director : Brooks Cole
Executive Producer : Peter Christy
Technical Director : Bryan Tracey – Vujade
Database Integration : Larry Mills-Gahl – Web Farm

Programmer : Mark Watson – Vujade
Content Producers : Amy Schmidt & Michelle Contreras – Harding Marketing
Senior Writer/Editor : Ken Stockwell
Animator: Jonathan Tracey