GE Capital NewsFlash


GE Capital : NewsFlash Communications Design

Before it was reorganized into four separate GE divisions, GE Capital had assets of more than US $425 billion and was a global, diversified financial services company grouped into six key operating segments comprised of 25 businesses. Like all large companies, GE Capital has to communicate key messages to its employees in an era of increasing demands on time and attention. GEC’s intranet newsletter Capital Times was to be relaunched for better readership. How to get the point across?

Using custom-built Flash technology, ResonantBrand created a Capital Times NewsFlash system to periodically inform employees about features and key news items of each new Capital Times issue. It worked like this:

Internal eMail broadcasts carried a ResonantBrand-designed rich eMail notification that the latest NewsFlash was available along with a link or links to appropriate features on the NewsFlash Homepage. This delivered employees to the latest NewsFlash weekly. ResonantBrand designed a “cartridge system” for swapping animations, images, headline and subtext, video thumbnails and other components on a weekly basis. GE Publishing personnel used a simple webpage frontend to add, subtract or modify components of the NewsFlash or select from layout template alternatives. Additional animation cartridges were prepared on a weekly basis for most of the year prior to the reorganization. ResonantBrand now counts GE Consumer Finance, GE Commercial Finance, and several GE Corporate entities among its clients. Click on images at right to view NewsFlash versions for different divisions.

GE Client : Nancy Elder
GE Capital Project Lead : Elizabeth Barnes
Lead Engineer : JA Nelson
Creative Director/Producer/Animator : Brooks Cole