OnNet : MediaCenter Interface Design


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We are perhaps jaded in this age of YouTube, I-Tunes, and advanced forms of Tivo but way back in the not too distant day ResonantBrand had the opportunity to work with one of the original innovators in the field: OnNet.

OnNet holds the first American issued patent for VOD, video-on-demand. They launched with a vision of dynamic All Media access which included an extensive movie library, live TV controls, allowing you to stop, start, fast forward and replay TV programming at your convenience, easily record programming for later viewing and skip advertisements. OnNetTV also offers interactive programming, and the ability to purchase goods at the click of a button.

OnNet approached ResonantBrand when it required a using a set top box supporting Macromedia Flash. In essence, we were asked to create a fluid, sleek 21 st century UI that matched the intelligence of OnNet’s hardware and software. This presented us with the opportunity to substantially enhance the look and feel of the UI rapidly without fundamentally altering the server-side of the equation.

ResonantBrand also provided the Network Identity and related branding materials for OnNetTV and OnNet Corporation. The OnNet logo needed to be updated in order to look convincing as an onscreen brand.