VLSI Technology


VLSI Technology : Web Strategy & Redesign

VLSI Technology, subsequently acquired by Philips, was a leading manufacturer of large-scale integrated circuits for digital entertainment, networking, advanced computing, and communications. Brooks Cole’s team developed an Internet-centric marketing communications strategy to enhance the effectiveness of VLSI’s marketing messages and strengthen its corporate image and brand. We then created the second-generation Web site for VLSI with a flattened site architecture for easy navigation, an animated interface using Shockwave, streaming audio and video for enhanced visual appeal, and an iconic 3D object library for multiple product line identification and branding.

We designed Web templates for dynamicly customized technical pages to meet the specific needs of VLSI’s customers (who are primarily engineers) and created an alternative method for visitors and end-users to meet their immediate needs by having easy access to VLSI’s product and service solutions. Engineers Brian Tracey and Mark Watson also wrote a metacrawler to automate the site conversion and a “server-side include” program to facilitate the frequent in-house content updating process. Launched in October 1997, the VLSI Web site was voted number one in navigation among the top 50 Silicon Valley corporate Web sites in a survey by Shelley Taylor & Associates, an Internet consulting firm.

A Futuristic Web “Device” for a Leading Chip Maker. VLSI was ahead of its time in the design and manufacture of custom silicon for mobile and set top devices, but their web presence was damaging their credibility in the marketplace. Brooks Cole and his team developed this unique dimensional design to set VLSI apart from the crowded tech fray, and to create a “technotoy” that the target engineer audience just had to play with.

VLSI Project Lead : K. Sylvester Lott
Architect/Creative Director : Brooks Cole
Senior Designers : Ed Sultan, Ken Phipps
Technical Lead : Bryan Tracey
Programmers : Mark Watson, Ed Sultan
Video Editor : Cody Harrington