CivicActions LLC


CivicActions LLC

Our good friend and strategic partner CivicActions, LLC is a professional services company specializing in the strategic planning, design, development and maintainance of online systems. The organization works in partnership with its clients and its people to develop strategies and tactics that support their mutual goals and objectives. Because CivicActions pairs up clients and experts who share a common vision, they bring a unique passion and commitment to their work.

Brooks Cole has contributed Creative Leadership and Visual Design strategy to CivicActions, and has led the information design, visual design and Flash design for several projects including New Progressive Coalition, Jerry Brown, Institute of Noetic Sciences’ Shift in Action, Open Network, ACLU.TV and LINC Artist Access.

HoloCosmos has created branding, identity, presentations and templates, tradeshow graphics, and more to keep this growing online development powerhouse plugged in and dressed up for the Web2.0 party.

During one of the quarterly CivicActions retreats in Amsterdam, we joined the team to do a rapid redesign of the site over a weekend. The holographic structure of the organization required a holographic organizational and visual approach to the site we designed for them. Here are a few examples. Please visit the site at: http://www.civicactions.com/