Do you wonder what you’re really here to do? Rachel can unlock your answer.

Rachel is a story coach, nameologist and mentor to entrepreneurs and change makers. She applies the ancient art of numerology to the modern art of personal and business branding to help change agents find their voice and share their message with the world. 

Affectionately known as “The Name Whisperer,” Rachel uses a precise system of spiritual numerology called soul contract reading, combined with years of branding and story coaching, she has helped hundreds of leaders express their true gifts and sense of purpose in the world.

Her clients include artists, entrepreneurs and fortune 500 executives. She has also helped name businesses, babies, houses and the occasional dog. 

There’s a gift in your name. Hidden within it is a blueprint that reveals your talents, gifts and a roadmap for your life and work in the world.

It’s more than just a name…


What’s your mission? I’m dedicated to helping you shine your brilliance through brand messaging that you love.


Outlining the strategic aspects of your brand and marketing. Exploring products, current offerings, funnels and touchpoints for your business as an expression of your resonant brand.


We run transformation workshops and retreats for individuals and corporate groups – using the power of story to engage and inspire. 


Build stronger relationships, make an impact, get more referrals.

Rachel Flower USA

Cell & WhatsApp: +1 415.827.2623

Skype: senssoma

Contact Rachel: [email protected]


We love our clients and they love us back! Here are some of our favorite testimonials from people just like you who have had BrandResonance™ rock their worlds…

“I am a huge fan of Rachel. She stepped into my life just when I needed her.  She synthesized exactly who I am, what my business is about and she found a name that really works. I’m excited to be working with her. She’s a true guide and a mentor and has helped me gain the clarity and confidence I needed for my next steps. My experience has been so profound and so easy, insightful and fun that I’ve sent many of my friends to Rachel, and they rave about her too. She has helped all of them get a new perspective on their lives and businesses.”

Helen Goldstein

Founder, The Workplace Wellness Academy

Rachel is an Angel! Was I in for an amazing ‘gift’ that has shifted and empowered me every day since. I was at a crossroads, an important decision point in my business, and dealing with a number of debilitating roadblocks. But after just one session with her, I experienced a massive shift, right from the center of my soul. The world literally opened up and a new story began…”
Beverly Gun-Munro

CEO and Founder, Save A Rescue & TheEntrepreneurWoman Inc.

“I just facilitated the very first women’s leadership and legacy retreat at South Lake Tahoe and Rachel was one of the speakers. What I saw happen at Rachel’s presentation was amazing. Of all the speakers, Rachel was asked the most questions and had the most interaction with the audience. Branding matters. And what really matters is that you start from the inside out with your brand. Because your customers and clients can feel that. I watched that with the women at the retreat and I have seen that in the aftermath with so many wanting to find out more about their numerology. So dip your toe. But be ready to dive in!”

Shari Pheasant

Founder, Horse Power Strategies and Creator, Women's Leadership & Legacy Retreat

“I have been blown away by the Senssoma experience and the process was fun as well as delightful. The process has allowed for far quicker & more effective delivery of results to get right to the core of the matter. It created clarity in making all the difference in my life and my practice! Hats off to Rachel, her integrity, her presence and care. I would highly recommend her services … often!”

“The results I’ve experienced in working with Rachel has taken me to a whole new level of putting myself out there without the stops and fears that once burdened me to be effective and more efficient with my time and energy. Allowing me to now tap into my Creative Juices with play and ease! I am so grateful for this to have crossed my path as I am for Rachel and her Passions, presence and commitment to us all.”

Karen Rudolf

Owner/Operator, TranquilSOULutions

“Rachel Flower helped me come up with my slogan. I love it. It’s what my coaching is all about. Optimal Performance with more time to relax. With my business slogan, book title and other things we’ve worked together on over the last half a year, I feel settled and grounded in them. I’m not wondering if it’s the right thing or not. I know it’s going to be powerful.”

Jim Kaspari

Business Coach, Peak Business Coaching, CEO, Summit Business Marketing, CEO, To Your Health

“Rachel, I can’t thank you enough and words don’t truly express how I feel about you and your incomparable talents and gifts. Today’s conversation revealed a newfound clarity and confirmation of things to come that I have been searching for since childhood. Having known you for years, it’s such an honor to watch you embrace the essence of your true calling. So funny that with the 1,025,109.8 words in the English language there isn’t one that I feel appropriately expresses your brilliance.”

Michelle Anton

TV producer and Author

“Right from the start I was blown away by the revelations and at a loss for words to express the impact. Rachel immediately used the system to tap the core of my make-up so that I could begin to understand, right away, why and how everything tied to my name is expressed in my life.”
Lori Dean

Radio Personality, Host of "Help, My Mid-life Sucks"

“I love sending clients to Rachel because her work with nameology can make all the difference between people passing by or giving you attention. Your name, the name of your company, and the name of your products and services are all so important for getting people inspired to find out more about you. I trust Rachel because she brings immense depth and insight. She’s a great person to work with and she’ll add value to your business. I totally recommend her.”

David Tyreman

Brand Speaker, Strategist, Best Selling Author, founder of World Famous Company

“I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel over 8 years now hosting spiritual retreats for Women in Maui, Hawaii. Rachel has been my COO and partner in developing this dream and unique retreat experience, and facilitating Retreats. The skill/trait that stands out for me the most is her innate gift for getting to the heart of what matters to a person. Her ability to connect, understand, and draw out the deeper meaning in the stories playing out in someone’s life is impressive. During our retreats, we spent a lot of time in nature and this is a place where Rachel is very comfortable and connected drawing out the gifts and messages nature is offering and linking them to the transformation being birthed in the people with her. Rachel is an amazing facilitator of transformation; to witness the women when they arrive and then witness the women who emerged by the end is truly evidence of her gifts. Finally, I must speak to the long-term impact she has had on the women who have done transformation work with her. Eight years later and these women still carry a strong bond with her and with the other women they were on retreat with. The community that she has been a catalyst for is an amazing and unexpected gift and further evidence of her remarkable impact on people”

Cheryl Kali

Master Coach & Mentor, Co-Owner, KPrinciple & CKMaui

“With Rachel’s support, I have been able to position my story in the context of the larger cultural story and stay grounded in the core of what I am here to teach. This has proven crucial for me as I learn to handle all the public attention that has come through my TV show. Rachel continues to provide wise and valuable counsel and helps me link the powerful teaching from the Old Growth forests with the language and metaphors of quantum mechanics. It has helped me communicate my message so much more clearly to people of all walks of life.”

Mick Dodge

The Barefoot Sensei and Star of National Geographic show, “The Legend of Mick Dodge.”

“After our session together I found that I had this strange confidence that comes from some amazing place and know I can credit Rachel’s session with that inspiration for me to get out there. Initially, I was skeptical… But Rachel explained to me how it’s based in vibration. When you hear the sound of your name over and over again, those vibrations do have an impact on your life. When she ran my numbers, I heard things from her mouth that I thought only I knew about myself. It was really profound and it gave me a lot of guidance and direction.”

Angele Marie Carroll

Singer songwriter and music teacher