Diva Systems OnSet


DIVA Systems OnSet ITV Network

DIVA Systems Corporation began as a spin-off company from two premier American research labs: SRI International and David Sarnoff Research Center. SRI has often been considered the soul of Silicon Valley, and Sarnoff is best known for its ground-breaking work in semiconductors, electronics, and advanced television. DIVA’s core technology derived from a high-speed, massively parallel supercomputer video server called the Princeton Engine.

Originally developed for Department of Defense Advance Research Project Administration (DARPA) applications, the VOD technology was years ahead of its time but needed the user experience and branding expertise of our team to become a usable and consumer-friendly Movies-OnDemand platform. At the same time, DIVA needed to demonstate to iTV-jaded studios and other content partners that this technology and user experience was worth licensing its content to.

10 Years before YouTube, TiVo and Comcast on Demand, Broadband Video On Demand was called “Interactive TV.” We were pioneers in its R&D working for companies like Time Warner, News Corp TV Guide OnScreen, Microsoft, Oracle and others.

Brooks Cole led the team that was the key creative force behind the OnSet ITV Network once the leading provider of Video On Demand services to 23 million cable subscribers in the U.S and abroad. We designedOnSet’s interactive architecture, look & feel, on-air identity, remote control, investor relations materials, even the graphics for the ITV Network-On-Wheels OnSet tractor trailer.

In 1996, Brooks Cole led the team engaged to help DIVA develop a comprehensive strategy to deploy its video server technology for interactive television. Working with DIVA’s engineers, MindSphere created a proprietary ITV architecture that enabled the first commercially viable video-on-demand system for cable television. We produced a series of vision videos, which aided the company in generating $57 million in venture funding, attracting movie studios and cable operators as DIVA’s business partners, and recruiting management and engineering talents.

Our Team played a central role in the implementation of DIVA’s ITV strategy in 1996 and 1997, branding the ITV network as “OnSet,” designing its broadcast identity and on-air look, and producing its video-on-demand navigator and monthly on-demand promos. In addition, we advised DIVA on its strategy to develop Internet-based products and integrate them into their ITV service offerings, as well as producing an Internet vision video for funding and strategic partnering purposes.

Creative Director and ITV Architect : Brooks Cole
Art Director, Animator, Compositor : Cody Harrington
Animator : Eric Greer
Composer : Michael Becker