Audience Branches



Going deeper – who are your audience? Identify your customer avatars and those we serve. What segments do they fall into? What are their needs? Honing in. Focusing on specific segments – Audience specificity. Each branch – specific audience. 

Valhalla method avatar GPS – map out based on who customers have been to date. Know – like – trust – try – buy – repeat – refer – champion 

How to communicate with them

Map existing and desired audiences, lists, venues and existing and planned offerings compared to what you have now

First branch is to identify who talk to where find them and where take them and what fruit to offer in terms of content and how to talk to them. Education based marketing to meet avatar where they are now, where they congregate, who follows what group, what language to google, what books and authors they gravitate toward, use language they use to get attention and trust.

Branches are also branches of funnel marketing, also use the soul genius quiz in beginning, get birth info, Feng Shui and astrological info, gender etc… so when we work with them, each of the branches reach out to specific audience with specific branches and storytelling expressing in specific offer driven people to funnels…

Identification of all necessary participants, vendors, contractors and audiences – internal and external – required for successful execution of the plan.