TouchStand: ID, Webdesign, Flash Animation


Synergy / TouchMedia : TouchStand Music Kiosk Network

Do you remember a world where digital media (movies, television and music) was not immediately available on your mobile, I-pod, or television? Although this rich media environment is where many of us live day-to-day we still need a format to elegantly view our potential purchase choices when we are shopping in wired or traditional shopping environments.
Synergy’s TouchMedia is a Digital Retail Network that delivers digital music, movies, and other content for preview and sale at traditional and non- traditional entertainment retail locations. The firm presents these multiple forms of content to consumers through a common interface across digital media stations, mobile devices, and soon, home internet. TouchMedia also offers Retailers and Consumers alike a brand new rich media experience called the dotAlbum®, containing everything from music to video to liner notes to lyrics and concert footage, along with links to the artist’s website – all in one package and portable across all of their media devices.
Citing Holocomos’ past experience with innovative interface design, Synergy / TouchMedia selected ResonantBrand to redesign the touch-screen interface for their music navigation and purchase experience using a Flash-based system. The resulting screens are easy to use, engaging, colorful and deeply intuitive. Simple, really, in a way that encourages superb sense of play and exploration.

Client/Visionary : Michael Fitts
Creative Director, Visual Designer : Brooks Cole