Soul Seed



The seed contains the potential, the intelligence for what is to become the tree. 

Identify your Resonant ‘Why’ Your soul mission.  Discovering who you really are and what you are bringing to the planet. Your soul essence. “You soul is your brand.” Access and articulate the core of what your brand is about, why you created it, the bigger purpose behind it, and how is it a true expression of you and your values.

Imagery of children… because when you are a child you have a unencumbered insight in what your true secret soul mission really is. What is your soul genius? (take quiz)

Find your authentic voice – understand and align to your primary talents, life challenges, drives and life purpose with your business direction.

Find the essence of your brand and how it aligns with you and your unique genius (or not) is critical to your messaging and marketing

Test the attractiveness and potency of your business name, taglines and program names and offer using our unique “nameology” process,

We use a variety of tools such as Feng Shui, astrology, numerological analysis (nameology) to distill the ‘mantric language’ which expresses this soul seed and which is also attractive to search engines