KSG : Management Consultant Repackaging


KSG : Management Consultant Repackaging

KSG is a team of senior-level specialists passionate about transforming companies by developing leaders and top teams, and building workplace cultures of collaboration, accountability and fulfillment. The organization is poised for significant growth and its founders are eager to create an “I don’t know what it is but I have to have it” panache around everything it does.

The firm tapped ResonantBrand to develop a plan for supporting KSG in its newly revitalized market positioning through communication design and consulting services – to help the organization create an “unfair advantage” in the presentation of itself and its service through marketing materials, website, product and service packaging, presentation materials and related vehicles.

Since our original engagement, much has happened to build the excitement of the New KSG: A new name, facilitated articulation of the KSG process and offerings now dubbed the KSG TransformOS™, several whitepapers, the energetic acceptance of a new look and feel, and the general feeling that anything is possible.

The KSG “New Game” will span many aspects of the organization’s activities, from sales and marketing to online and live delivery of communications and services across the sales cycle, to program packaging and support materials, to presentation support and beyond. We have made serious progress in developing a dynamic “metamap” and the resulting organization of the entire constellation of KSG services, and our contribution to the branding and positioning and conveyance of the heart and soul of the organization in subtle and overt ways, presents a vast landscape of potential that this document intends to break down into manageable initiatives.

Client/Visionaries : Chris Stanton and Jim Kelley
Architect, Creative Director, Visual Designer : Brooks Cole