Oracle : iTV Consulting / CD-Rom Animation


Oracle : iTV Consulting / CD-Rom Animation

Oracle Corporation, the world’s second largest software company and the leading supplier of software for enterprise information management have been a major conceiver and contributor in the digital revolution.

In the mid-90s ResonantBrand an early developer and visionary in the interactive media field conducted a strategic assessment of Oracle’s competitive strengths in relational media servers for interactive television applications and recommended a strategic approach to new product development in emerging media.

An Entire 3D Cartoon World on CD-ROM for Oracle – Our team created a family of 3D characters, animals, vehicles and buildings to inhabit a VR cartoon world to explain how Oracle’s System tools make life easier for RDBMS managers.

ResonantBrand also developed CD-ROM’s and animation for Oracle Magazine Interactive (creating a 3-D cartoon planet named SMTIville, complete with city, suburb, and country environments to represent Oracle’s System Management Tool Initiative, SMTI). Using the metaphor of a high-performance car, the article follows the adventures and mishaps of a car and its occupants through various environments and their subsequent rescues by the mechanic SMITTY. Featured in Oracle’s International Conference on System Management Software in Italy in March 1995, the piece includes an animated front end to access a SMTI vendor database on the CD-ROM..