Energistx : Website & Brand


Energistx : Website & Brand

Energistx™ brings together some of the world’s most trusted manufacturers, designers, and pioneering companies to develop and distribute frontier technologies that ensure a healthy tomorrow, while providing professional, turn-key disaster relief infrastructure solutions during this time of change on our planet.

In Energistx’ web presence, ResonantBrand helped the organization create an inspiring universe of products, systems, and integrated services. From clean, renewable energy systems of all scales, sustainable disaster relief solutions, wastewater recovery and water treatment, portable shelter systems, deluxe mobile medical units, mobile commercial kitchens, rapid deployment base camp infrastructure staffing to unique consulting and design services for the today’s trend-setters.

To convey the theme of “out of this world” innovative energy and ideas, ResonantBrand derived inspiration for the Energistx Blue Sun mark came from NASA solar imaging from the SOHO Solar Observatory satellite.

Energistx offers its clients lateral access to the goods and services of multiple providers through strategic alliances within a model of cooperation vs. competition. Working with Energistx gives individuals and companies exposure to a comprehensive array of options with personalized service to meet your individual needs.

Visionary Clients : Energistx – Angela and Halle Blessing
Creative Director/Designer/Programmer : Brooks Cole