Alex Grey


Alex Grey : Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Video

Philosopher Ken Wilber calls visionary painter and sculptor Alex Grey “The most important artist alive.” To help Alex fund the creation of his non-denominational “Chapel of Sacred Mirrors,” our team created a 3D model of the striking Chapel exterior and interior featuring a guided tour by an animated version of Alex’s “Vision Crystal” created by Cody Harrington.

The video now plays 24/7 at Alex’s Chelsea Manhattan gallery COSM.

The video was shown first at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego and now Interior and exterior modeling and animation was created by Jon Bell. Eric Greer did additional modeling, and Cody Harrington completed and composited the final piece. Brooks Cole was the Director of the project, someday to become an immersive VR experience online.

Our Team Creates a Cosmic Flythrough of a Future Spritual Wonder of the World Alex Grey’s 21 Sacred Mirrors, life-size paintings of the human form, are awaiting a home in a non-denominational Chapel. This video is featured in the pages of Alex’s newest book Transfigurations.
Alex Grey, Brooks Cole and the World Spirit Statue to be placed in the top of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

The video is featured in Alex’s COSM Gallery Space in Manhattan and in his latest book, Transfigurations.

Reel Available

Creative Director and ITV Architect : Brooks Cole
Art Director, Animator, Compositor : Cody Harrington
Animator : Jon Bell
Composer : Michael Becker