HP JetSend Website and Shockwave


HP JetSend Website and Shockwave

Hewlett-Packard JetSend is a next-generation internet appliance communication protocol which allows web-connected devices like PCs, laptops, PDAs, cellphones, set top boxes, smart whiteboards, digital cameras, LCD projectors etc. to send messages to each other via terrestrial, satellite and wireless internet. Our challenge was to use dimensional design and navigation to suggest a futuristic palette-style PDA to deliver a vast array of web multimedia, critical developer documentation and press relations using a modular web system that could be maintained by internal web developers, enabling fast reaction speed and publishing accuracy, but posing limited technical demands.

Brooks Cole and his team created the JetSend site for HP’s Information Appliances Division based on a relational database infrastructure that facilitates periodic personalized proactive e-mail notifications, developer community forum, frequent content updating, and dynamic content customization based on visitor profiles. Like many other Web sites we have developed for HP, the JetSend site is a true interactive multimedia site using custom Java, JavaScript, motion GIFs, photographic and CG animation from our SGI animation wizards. Such animation enables HP to communicate the features and specification of the technology to partners, licensees, press, and analysts through our proprietary technology visualization.

Who says websites have to be flat pages? ResonantBrand’ hallmark design approach overcomes the page metaphor through tactile 3D design, interactive multimedia, and dynamic database-delivered content for one-to-one marketing relationships. The site interface is based on a nautilus design derived from a golden mean logarithmic spiral, an ancient proportional ratio of beauty used throughout history in art and architecture.

HP Wanted a Device-Like UI for Its Internet Appliance Technology Our dimensional web design came to the rescue, with JavaScript sequenced animations of net appliance scenarios in JetSend’s Vision Theatre

HP Project Lead : Laura Silsby
Creative Director : Brooks Cole
Producer : Peter Christy
System Integration : Piyush Shah – Leverage
Database Integration : World Wide Web Associates
Senior Designers : Ed Sultan, Dan Poynor
Java Programmers : Bryan Tracey & Mark Watson – Vujade
Animator : Eric Greer