Transformational Leadership

Growth and Transcendence

Opportunities for the turning point we are at today. At ResonantBrand, we believe that we need to find new ways of being, leading, and working. We need leaders who can free us from hierarchy and invite us onto a path of our own greatest self-realization. It isn’t just a self-help path. It’s a planetary imperative if we are to turn our World around.

Extraordinary teachers – transformational leaders have stepped forward across the globe to energize us in fulfilling our potential and seizing the opportunities for a bright, new future. It is why ResonantBrand, and its partners HoloGenesis and The Universe in You, have made the commitment to develop the tools and technology that will lead the way for personal growth and global transformation.

The projects in this sector include work in branding and identity, multimedia presentations, online marketing, video communications, packaging, and website design for exceptional transformational leaders like Barbara Annis and Jack Canfield.

Jack founded the Transformational Leadership Council so that leaders of personal and organizational transformation could come together and support each other in making contributions to the world. ResonantBrand’ work with many members of the Council has challenged us to examine and understand how people transform. In doing so, we have uncovered the stark difference between “education” and the true embodiment of mastery of new skills and mindsets, and new ways of knowing.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
— Mahatma Ghandhi

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