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Philosophy Gateway : Education Web Design

How does classical learning update to the digital age? This has been the  modern day koan for top universities around the world. Over the last decade, Harvard, Stanford and MIT have all explored life and teaching online in increasingly sophisticated multimedia environments. Boston University is no exception.

With Philosophy Gateway a potent portal identity was created. Here four different websites are synthesized so that seekers, students and academic experts can better access the major minds of our times. The websites included The 20th World Congress of Philosophy, Existenz, Carl Jaspers and Paideia. The combined sites provide users with on-line access to the Congress white papers, conference updates, the quarterly Existenz journal and detailed information about philosopher Carl Jaspers.

For this project ResonantBrand reframed the hallowed halls of philosophy in a 21st century design lexicon. We provided branding a new web design and an integrative concept. The new Philosophy Gateway continues to provide a deepened sense of community and provides a voice for this ingeniously reflective community that ponders the questions of the ages.