NewsFlash : Dynamic Multimedia Communicator


NewsFlash : Dynamic Multimedia Communicator

NewsFlash Communicator is an online tool that helps marketers launch rich-media messages, custom newsletters, and rapid-transaction offers that are dynamic, personalized, customer-focused and completely irresistible.

NewsFlash is cutting-edge, compelling two-way media messenger that directly and effectively communicates to target audiences on a periodic basis. Now clients can afford to generate customer communication week after week to maintain the relationships that feed their bottom line.

NewsFlash translates key content into stunning visuals, rich soundtracks, fresh Flash™ animated story features, and two-way interactivity that compels action – all with a web-based tool that an untrained secretary can master.

NewsFlash Fills the Communication Gap between eMail and Web: it cuts through the noisy clutter of online appeals to capture at least FIVE TIMES the attention span of an average web page view. Because NewsFlash makes it easy to author new dynamic content issue after issue, customers look for them and spend more time with them than ordinary static messages.

NewsFlash tracks up-to-the-minute stats for every nuance of user interaction, click-through and follow-up from each message generated. Click on a secure web page at any time and you can know exactly:

* Who opened your message
* How long they spent with it
* Which options they explored
* What content they viewed
* Which transactions they made

NewsFlash is much more than a Media Communicator; it creates a “sense of place” where management, employees, marketers and their clients can work and communicate together, be productive together and keep relationships growing week after week.

NewsFlash Communicator gives a sense of community and direct response to sales teams, clients and their customers.

See what NewsFlash Communicator can do for your company.
NewsFlash-based Capital Times for $425 Billion GE Capital was the original dynamic Flash employee newsletter published weekly with new Visual Cartridges…NewsFlash-based CFWorld for $180 Billion GE Commercial Finance reaches 18,000 employees in 35 countries every month.