Mystic Molecules : Web Design & Identity


Mystic Molecules : Web Design & Identity

Imagine vibrantly seeing the inner world of wine. This is the offering of Mystic Molecules, a symbiosis of art, science and the mysterious deliciously to life.

Mystic Molecules creator, scientist-photographer Dr. Sondra Barrett has used the light of the microscope to open vistas to hidden realms in nature for over three decades. As the first to photograph wine as art through the microscope, she has won competitions from Nikon and Olympus. She has additionally consulted for numerous wineries photographing wines at all stages and ages. Her multi-media productions have been presented to the Wine Industry Technical Symposium, Society of Wine Educators, American Wine Exposition and the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley. The latter event complemented Dr. Barrett’s “Inner Space” museum exhibit. The Wine Brats’ Wine Raves also showcased her work, as has WineSpirit. These photographs have been popular in consumer and trade publications appearing in OMNI, Scientific American, Wines and Vines, the San Francisco Chronicle, Napa Valley Register and Wine News.

ResonantBrand was commissioned to a create a vibrant website for Dr. Barrett in tandem with creative direction, design and marketing strategies for a series of promotional materials—calendars, cups, and mugs—that showcased the work of this innovative artist scientist and inspiring human spirit.