LSI Logic Websystem


LSI Logic Websystem

LSI Logic Corporation is the worldwide leader in system-on-a-chip solutions and semi-custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) for the networking, telecom/wireless, consumer, computer, storage components, and storage systems markets. LSI engaged our team to develop a Web graphic standard and a complete redesign of its corporate Web site to enhance ease of navigation, improve brand image, increase visitor retention within the content areas of the site, and enable frequent content refreshment and future site extension. This look and feel defined the company’s online appearance for nearly three years, a lifetime in the web world.

We developed a highly flexible and extensible Web site architecture, a flat navigational structure to enable visitors to get to any topics of interest within two clicks, and a 3D icon system to represent functionality and information hierarchies for easy navigation. We also created a 3D look and feel for the LSI Logic Web site that significantly improved both visual appeal and performance. Similar to other Web redesign projects, our engineers wrote a metacrawler to automate the process of site conversion and maintenance. This metacrawler enabled LSI Logic to convert the sub-sites for many geographic and product divisions in several languages with over 1500 pages in less than one month.

LSI Logic Needed a Fast, Dramatic Web Facelift Our team created a new web standard system and wrote an automated crawler to transform the old site into the new one in record time.

LSI Logic Project Lead : Melanie Meyer
Animation Director, Art Director, Videographer, Compositor, Editor : Cody Harrington, Black Coyote
Creative Director : Brooks Cole
3D Art Director, Animator : Eric Greer
Senior Designer : Ed Sultan
Designer : Leslie Wimber
Engineer : Tom Caleshu