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Lynn Augstein : Cobalt Sun – “Borealis” DVD / Synapse Event

“Borealis” is the first DVD release of Sausalito, CA-based light artist span Lynn Augstein. “Borealis” is a one-hour music and light immersion featuring Lynn’s transparent light waves accompanied by deep, cellular sound, from ambient music artists Steve Roach, David Parsons, Ranga, Om, A Produce among others – artfully mixed by producer Dwight Loop. All images are made from halogen light sources.
Also included in this deluxe DVD package is a 10-minute interview with the artist talking about her light art, giving insight into her inspiration and artistic development; a short preview of an upcoming DVD release “Mandala” and a 10-minutes of footage from Lynn’s various installations and concert collaborations.

Augstein’s light art has been featured in many live performances of Steve Roach, including concerts at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for the opening of Yoko Ono’s “Yes” exhibition, “Mythic Imagination” conference in Palm Springs, California and installation pieces at SomArts Gallery, the Cell Space and the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco as well as concert collaborations with various artists at her Cobalt Sun Gallery in Sausalito. Augstein’s light and sound installation piece “Reverence” premiered at the Synapse Electronic Arts Series at the Cobalt Sun Gallery in 2005. Lynn’s light art can also be seen on the upcoming Steve Roach DVD “Kairos” ( www.steveroach.com).

Of her work Lynn Augstein says:

” I am a light projection artist. My “light art” is created utilizing analogue light projectors, digital video projectors, and other light emitting devices and fixtures. The installation aspect of my work consists of layering transparent “veils” that add dimension to projected kaleidoscopic light images. Music and sound atmospheres are carefully selected enrich the experience. Fragrant and exotic aromas are often used to drift through the atmosphere. The installations have been presented in a grand scale with the intention of capturing your attention.

This experiential light work has been presented at the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco (SFMOMA) for Yoko Ono’s “Yes” Exhibition opening gala, collaborations with electronic music artist Steve Roach, German world fusion music group Arbre Noir at Freiburg Planetarium, Germany, a major installation work entitled “Space Between” at SomArts Gallery in San Francisco and a seven story high installation at the Hyatt Embarcadero lobby in San Francisco for Color Marketing Group.”

Synapse Electronic Arts Series presents “Sound & Vision”, a very special evening featuring three-and-a-half hours of the work of video artists from around the world who compose with music! From the Experimental to the Ambient, this night has it all in sound and visual experiences. The evening’s selections will be presented in a VJ fashion, mixed in the moment.

Cobalt Sun selected ResonantBrand to produce this stunning package of Posters, Flayers and web design elements using stills from Lynn Augstein’s extraordinary lightworks.

“Sound & Vision,” a term coined by the David Bowie song of the same name, aptly describes this amazing collection of works by visual artists who mix music with their video art to astounding syncronicity. From VJs, the term used to describe the phenomena of the Video Disc Jockey, who regularly perform in nightclubs around the globe adding the element of video mixing to the profession of music presentation, to video artists who work specifically in this medium creating works for private viewing, this evening promises to be a visual feast for the eyes and sonic massage for the ears.

David Sason writes: “Synapse” is the perfect neurological term to describe the performances at Cobalt, each of which serves to attack multiple senses of audience members—including smell. “We’ve even had different aromas floating through,” recalls Loop, who describes the shows as experiential. “As opposed to experimental,” he explains, “experiential is about experiencing things in the moment—it’s without expectation,” Loop says. “You walk into the space, sit down and you’re immersed in this environment. What you’re experiencing is very much now.”

Read David Sason’s excellent article here: http://www.metroactive.com/bohemian/08.02.06/cobalt-sun-0631.html

Visionary Client : Cobalt Sun/Lynn Augstein
Creative Director/Designer : Brooks Cole