Ann Zappa


Ann Zappa

As a labor of the love of a son, HoloCosmos created this small site for the CEO Brooks Cole’s Mother, Ann Zappa. Yes, that Zappa. (Where do you think he gets his crazy creativity?)

The site features the first of Ann Zappa’s novels, Time and Chance Happen to them All. Ann Zappa resides in Chatham County, North Carolina, on family property where she was born and raised. She is retired from a career as Head of the English Department at MacCormac Junior College, with branches in Chicago and Elmhurst, Illinois; and Administrative Assistant at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Ann belongs to several Southern historical organizations. She is a member of an Artillery Battery from Charleston, South Carolina, and also serves on the crews of other North and South Carolina Artillery Batteries as a Lady Cannoneer in battlefield re-enactments throughout the Southern States. She has portrayed historical female Artillery soldiers in living history presentations. Ann is a lifelong member of Lystra Baptist Church and active in church work. Ann is the older of two sisters of the late rock star, Frank Zappa.

Website: http://www.annzappa.com