Advokit : Advokit Web Application

AdvoKit is free software for organizing and running grassroots campaigns. Using AdvoKit, you can combine the power of voter files, membership data and social networking to identify and communicate with supporters. Advokit is an online hub for a campaign’s voter registration, voterid, get-out-the-vote, door-to-door canvassing and phone bank operations. Groups can maintain every aspect of their constituency-building work in a central location that’s accessible and secure.

Web Application Redesign and Rebranding for the Political Advocacy Sector , and boy does the sector need it. Most grassroots advocacy tools look as if usability and powerful visual design were either unattainable or unnecessary. This leads to lower adoption and reduced use of what could otherwise be more world-changing tools.

ResonantBrand‘ strategic partner and client and good friends CivicActions have developed (and continues to enhance) a suite of free and open source voter contact management and e-canvass tools. The centerpiece of this suite is Advokit (http://www.advokit.net/). Advokit is a Voter ID/GOTV Web application available for free to any organization doing community organizing. Advokit provides the tools to get people out to vote. Voter ID/GOTV campaigns, when effectively organized, can easily produce a margin of victory for a contested election.

CivicActions engaged ResonantBrand to develop new branding and UI upgrades to match the power of Advokit with the power of professional visual design and branding