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Brooks is a career brand communications expert, has been supporting magnificent women and men and their professional and personal brands for decades, serving leaders at companies like Disney, Time Warner, General Electric, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and dozens of others. He has developed brand strategies for leaders like Barbara Annis, world expert on Gender Intelligence® in organizational leadership; Victoria Hale, the inventor of the “Non-Profit Pharmaceutical company” who is bringing safe and affordable contraception to the women of the world; and Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Power of Focus for Women, as well as dozens of other female-focused titles, as well as the holder of The Guinness Book of World Records for SEVEN books simultaneously on the NYT best seller list. He has also collaborated with Sam Beard of Sam Beard Gift who has worked with eight US Presidents from JFK to Obama, creating jobs in low-income neighborhoods; and Carlos Santana on his philanthropy Architects of a New Dawn. See my portfolio at HoloCosmos.


What’s your WHY? Why are you on the planet and what gifts are you here to grow and deliver? I’m dedicated to helping you grow this seed into your tree of knowledge and scale your business into a burgeoning orchard of impact and financial success..


Outlining the strategic aspects of your brand and marketing. Exploring products, current offerings, funnels and touchpoints for your business as an expression of your resonant brand.


We run transformation workshops and retreats for individuals and corporate groups – using the power of story to engage and inspire.


Whatever resonant brand platform requires, I can steward the team of creative ninjas to bring it into being to work for you.


Brooks Cole Europe

Cell & WhatsApp: +34 619 157 635

Skype: holoboy

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We love our clients and they love us back! Here are some of our favorite testimonials from people just like you who have had BrandResonance™ rock their worlds…

“I’ve known Brooks Cole for several years and he is one of the most brilliant and creative minds I know. I’ve worked with him as a video director, branding expert, a technology entrepreneur and a transformational consultant. He has developed websites for us, videos, packaging and branding for us that have made a real difference in our business. And because of his work, our brand is now cohesive and consistent. Brooks has created for me one of the best speaker introduction videos in the industry. Brooks is definitely a rising star in the business of transforming lives and helping people reach their full potential.”

Jack Canfield

America's Success Coach; Author, "Chicken Soup for the Soul", Canfield Training Companies

Brooks is a leader in his field. He combines incredible technical, intellectual and creative power as one of the industry’s thought leaders. He has the ability to continuously be at the cutting edge of the emerging fields of social networking, world-class design, and state-of-the-art web-based information management and to navigate the incredible challenges of connecting ideas to action. He is a consummate professional as well as being a great person who brings both his heart and his mind to everything he works on. He is a gifted visionary, viewing the world and his crafts holistically with professionalism, passion and grace. It is my pleasure to work with Brooks.”
Stewart Borie

President, Entrust Environmental Corp

“Brooks is, without doubt, the most creative, innovative, and visionary visual designer I have ever had the pleasure of working with on web projects.”

Aaron Pava

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Agile Government Leadership Assoc.

“Although Brooks and I have known each other for a relatively short time so far, our shared interests in and passion for transformative change through enabling technology made us instant -and deeply natural- allies. His mastery of design, architecture, branding and dimensionality are augmented by his deep insight into human character and sincere desire to help (business) people transcend the limitations they may have. Brooks’ simple certainty about the visionary future of humankind we both share, is fascinating and very contagious. With HoloGenesis, Brooks is taking his ideas and his team into the MetaWeb and the MetaVerse, where my teams and I will be waiting for him, eager to boldly collaborate where no avatars have forked lightning together before.”

Philip van Nedervelde

XR entrprnr, Founder/CEO, E-SPACES

“Brooks is a brilliant, visionary artist and technologist whose participation is a major asset to any organization or project. I have been repeatedly impressed with his ability to communicate complex systems and ideas in both design and business communications. Brooks has the deep, multi-disciplinary understanding of science, metaphysics, business, and social systems that is essential to responding effectively to critical real-world challenges AND he’s a genuinely warm, compassionate, and inspiring presence. Wisdom, Heart, and Grace…an unqualified YES!”

Mihai Manoliu

Technical Producer and Principal, Mihai Manoliu & Assoc Consulting

“Brooks offers a rare mix of creativity and results-oriented focus. The work he did designing the site for the Personal Life Media network integrated several multiple web delivery technologies seamlessly and scaled easily for hundreds of different shows. Plus, he is just fun to work with. If you want something cutting edge and distinct, he’s the guy to go to.”

Mark Michael Lewis

CEO, SymFinTech Software

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Brooks over a number of projects over the years. Brooks Cole is an extraordinary talent. He has an extremely creative mind, yet can also be very technical, analytical and strategic. He has decades of experience producing complex projects and is a pleasure to work with. He is on our “first call” list when we have a difficult challenge. We love Brooks!”

Paul Lundahl

Creative Director, Co-Founder emotion studios

“Brooks’ superlative, evocative and resonant design of our podcasting site generated instant credibility for our start up. The number of unsolicited rave comments we’ve received about how attractive, navigable and unique our site is has been unbelievable. Brooks has amazing talent and he’s a champ at incorporating our edits and requests into his work. He’s facile, soulful and a wonderful man. We adore, admire and fully support him in all his endeavors.”

Susan Bratton

CEO, Hot Sex Advisor to Millions, Personal Life Media

“Brooks is a visual magician, taking even mundane ideas and turning them into a feast for the eyes. He delivers results rapidly and consistently goes beyond expectations. A true wonder of creativity, Brooks also knows how to make the process of creation a great deal of fun. His visionary design work was essential in driving the success of Shift in Action, which has become the most popular consciousness-oriented web media program on the web, with over 12,000 members paying $10/month for access.”
Stephen Dinan

President/CEO, The Shift Network

“Brooks can be counted on to have a number of creative solutions to your tech or insight problems – all of which are an improvement over the current paradigm. He is able to implement your chosen new direction based on his deep knowledge and personal connections with other such bright minds. I love working with Brooks because he validates all members of his team, and gives heartfelt appreciation for good work and collaboration.”

Annie Waters

President/Master, Little Lake Grange

“(2007) Brooks Cole is the smartest guy I know. But the great news is this wild intelligence comes with a giant heart, a spectacular aesthetic, technological genius grounded in a deep understanding of the natural, a playful nature, enormous love for learning, willingness to do the work, brilliant vision and equal capacity for articulating same. Brooks will soon be recognized as one of the major players in the accelerating shift (toward the positive) on our planet with the development of his new enterprise, HoloGenesis. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

(2006) Brooks Cole, of Holocosmos, is a big-hearted genius with an uncanny capacity to weave different perspectives together with brilliant fibers of imagination, beauty, clarity and real-world utility. His direction and collaboration in building our website were liberating. The entire process was inspiring, lots of fun, and very professional. I give him my strongest endorsement.”

Chris Stanton

Owner/CEO, KSG Transform

“Brooks Cole is an amazing digital genius who’s thinking is way beyond 99% of the population. If you want to get ahead of the curve, Brooks is your man. A rare combination of brains and heart, Brooks will take you to the future, economically, wisely, and with full compassion for the more technologically challenged beings who need a geek they can really relate to.”

Anodea Judith

Director, Sacred Centers

“Every so often in business, I meet a rare and extraordinarily talented soul. Such a person is Brooks Cole. A look through his web design, web architecture and web branding portfolio reveals a panorama of truly inspired and brilliantly executed client solutions across a wide range of industries. What excites me about Brooks is his endless vision combined with the surety and ability to execute on it. Through technological breakthroughs developed at HoloGenesis, Brooks is creating new ways to enliven and broaden the Internet experience. It will be holistic and revolutionary. Stay tuned and be enriched!”

S. Neil Vineberg

Founder, Startup Advisor,us